Volume One – Upper Body

Focusing on: Neck, Jaw, Upper back, shoulders, arms, hands, posture and routines.

There are 45 exercises for stretching these regions of your body and designed routines for stretching and strengthening them. The posture chapter will assist you to change old habits and create new ones for better posture to help create a more balanced you.

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These are the exercises I do in the clinic to fix people. For me these videos are a way to provide people with the tools they need to fix themselves.

–Tim Judd – Osteopath & Creator of Stretch for Life


Volume Two – Lower Body

Focusing on: Lower Back, Hips, Pelvis, Knees, Thighs, Feet, Ankles, Posture and Routine

There are 50 exercises for stretching and strengthening the lower body though it is the lower back that is the most common area of complaint. Everyone at some point has had a sore lower back. The situation commonly arises from doing something that is outside of normal activities. Strain patterns, like most parts of the body, can build over the years until one day an insignificant action can trigger a cascade of pain.

The good news is that this region is easy to get major improvement in lower back function by doing the exercises in this programme.

Volume 2: Lower Body BUY NOW

3D Animation takes you inside the body helping you understand the messages that pain is trying to tell you and how stretching and strengthening exercises will greatly benefit you.


  • $29.95+P&P
  • 45 Exercises
  • Single DVD
  • 2hr 5mins
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  • $29.95+P&P
  • 50 Exercises
  • Single DVD
  • 2hr 27mins
  • Purchase
  • $45.95+P&P
  • 95 Exercises
  • 2 DVDs
  • 4hr 32mins
  • Purchase

If you save yourself one visit to your osteopath these DVDs will pay for themselves

I believe people can be more independent in their ability to look after themselves, their families and their friends

–Tim Judd – Osteopath & Creator of Stretch for Life

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