What is Stretch For Life?

The Proven Method for Muscle Pain Relief

There are many types of pain but this website deals exclusively with the pain caused by muscle stress and muscle tension. If you are tired of that niggling pain or worse, the acute pain that drags your everyday, social and business life down then this is for you. Want immediate pain relief? Then simply download the Essentials for the part of your body that needs relief. You can take the essentials with you anywhere on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone. They are quick and effective and feel free to share them with anyone who needs them. Everything on this website is for people of all shapes, sizes, ages and all levels of fitness. Combining yoga, martial arts, osteopathy and common sense, Tim Judd has proven these medically based routines in his own private clinic. He shares his experience in an informative and visually exciting way, These stretching exercises are explained clearly and multi cameras ensure you can see everything in an uncluttered environment..        

Repair and Maintenance

Once relief is achieved, you can take the next step of repairing injured muscle and tissue. This can then be maintained to avoid future damage. You simply download the complete chapter. Your partner or family can help you (and each other) with the assisted routines. Prepare to be amazed at how great you will feel. To maintain and protect your body from future strain and pain, get everything working together in harmony. Do it zone by zone. Start with your problem area and work outward, upward and downward. Instead of downloading the individual zones simply purchase the DVD for the Upper Body or Lower Body - or both. Explore the site and enjoy the experience.  

Easy to find what you need

SFL helps you understand the reasons for your back pain, sore shoulders, stiff neck, painful thighs, clicking jaw, knee pain, arm pain or sore knees, arms and hands by taking you inside the body with 3D animation to show you where and why you are experiencing pain. Once you understand the cause of your injury, relief, repair and prevention are easy steps to take. We have divided the body into nine zones making it easier for you to pinpoint the cause of your pain and find immediate pain relief.     Upper Back Pain     Lower Back Pain     Neck Pain     Jaw Pain     Shoulder Pain     Hips and Pelvis Pain     Arms and Hands Pain     Knees and Thigh Pain     Legs, Feet and Ankles Pain

Immediate Pain Relief - Effective Muscle Injury Repair - Maintain your body with good technique and posture



Get immediate relief and mobility for the affected area of your body.


Download the zone chapter to relieve and repair the affected part of your body.